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Overview Of Best 6 Amok Hammock For Camping Enthusiastic

What is the Amok Hammock?

The Amok Draumr 3.0 is a lightweight hammock that is essential in a camping kit. It is also an impressive addition when backpacking as it weighs in at just 1.34 kg (without the tarp) and a fraction over 2kg (2053g) with the tarp and pegs.

This hammock can accommodate anyone who weighs up to 150kg. For anyone tall and up to 190cm, you can get support as these hammocks have a convenient footbag. The hammock will form a sturdy shape by introducing a large inflatable mattress that you can insert into the hammock. 

To set up your hammock, you need a maximum of 6 meters and a minimum of 2.5 meters between two trees. The hammock comes with a tarp so you can use it to protect yourself from rain and wind. The hammock also has an insect net that zips across when you lie or sit in, protecting you against bugs.

What is the maximum weight for an Amok Hammock?

The maximum safe weight limit for Amok hammocks is 400lbs (180kg) or the weight limit showed on your hammock.

Best 6 Amok Hammock

6. Segl XL

The suspension mechanism of the Segl XL is detachable and the same as the Draumr, requiring nothing else for you to hang it. Because of its suspension straps, it is simple and convenient to set up, even though it does not have any carabiners for an easy plug & play setup.

For this hammock, you can make a ridgeline and you can lie on the hammock diagonally for the best possible comfort. With an under blanket and quilt, or a sleeping pad and bag, allowing you to use it in any weather. While it is more costly, the strong quality fabric and stitching are all of a higher standard and worth the money.

Segl XL is a great product that offers a long and wide hammock as its length is one size that can fit all and can hold a maximum weight of 440 lb / 200 kg. 


  • Strong and soft material
  • Can support 440 lb / 200 kg
  • Comes with a suspension kit.

5. Amok Segl Hammock

The Segl uses a lightweight ripstop nylon fabric with an open gathered-end pattern. It creates a wide surface area to sleep on while allowing you to spread out diagonally, as with many modern lightweight hammocks.

You can still use a sleeping pad at night to receive the essential insulation needed, even though it might be an everyday hammock. This hammock has a simple design whose material is nylon. It also does not have protection against bugs and has no extra features like a mat sleeve. It has a storage bag that’s built-in but not a separate storage solution. The hammock is light enough but generous enough to be an option as the main sleeping system or throw into a bag, carry it and use it as a luxurious sitting cloth for lunch.


  • Simple design
  • Lightweight 
  • You can use this day hammock at night with the right accessories 

4. Draumr XL

The Draumr XL design is roomier, longer, and has a few more features that provide maximum convenience for taller or bigger people. The XL offers bug netting, flat lay, and can convert to a hammock chair and has no shoulder squeeze, etc. It has wide storage pockets at the ends of the hammock while using new removable suspensions. It deviates from the typical Amok design, as the need for carabiners on the straps is unnecessary, but has fast change and release that still works like the older models.

There is no foot box, leaving more space for netting around the foot section. You will also find two pole pockets on the end of the head where it is possible to position a short pole or stick to prop the head area open, providing a spacious interior. The hammock does not have a pole. To build the frame of the hammock, you will need a broad pad.


  • Chair mode
  • Removable bug netting
  • Storage shelves,
  • Detachable suspensions

3. Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock

Amok Draumr offers you the opportunity to sleep flat on your side, back, and stomach in so many ways. This 90-degree style hammock can suspend eliminating the V at your head and feet. This model accepts a sleeping pad that allows you to have a flat lay.

They include the entire suspension system while they do not include the sleeping pad. With colored carabiners and built-in high-cinch buckles, you can easily install the Draumr. Change is super simple with the extra strap that is attached to the cinch buckles. In the kit, they write the setup instructions and are easy to follow.

This hammock features a structure that changes the hammock to a chair mode that requires you to tighten the straps of change to turn the hammock into an upright chair. Besides, it also has an integrated bug net you can store when not required and can use a durable YKK zipper to keep it in place. If you need to store any accessories or personal items, this hammock kit has two small pockets for storage and a bottle holder inside.


  • Flat lay 
  • Easy side and belly sleep
  • Can turn into a chair hammock
  • Integrated bug net

2. Amok Draumr 2.0 Hammock

When you plug an inflatable mattress at the bottom of the hammock’s designed sleeve will give the Draumr 2.0 a flat base. The 2.0 design of the Draumr is like the top of a whitewater kayak-wrapping around you as you relax inside, allowing you to change or shift into a seated position. It also uses an overhead guyline to attach a net of zip-in bugs and also an optional rain tarp.

They also intend it for people 330 lbs or lighter and 190cm or shorter. They can package it in blue or green with or without a rain tarp. This price does not include a sleeping pad–which some people may or may not require.


  • Has a flat base
  • Zip in bug net
  • Can use taro with it

1. Amok Draumr 1.0 Hammock

In the hybrid hammock category, the Amok Draumr Hammock fits perfectly as it is part bridge hammock and is a part gathered end hammock. It certainly has a stunning visual appeal. It will amaze you, not only by the design but also by the comfortable lay. Their hammock kits are one of a few hammock kits that include the suspension system, tarp, bug net, hammock, and even matching stakes. It packs all into a single sack that you can carry easily. It also uses color-coded carabiners to signify the steps taken to get the hammock up, streamlining the setup of the Draumr.

This five-string system of the hammock adjusts the straps easily. The short hex tarp included is sufficient — as the design of the Draumr can adapt its length. Its kit comes with everything needed to pitch the tarp, its mesh carrying bag, and each tie-out point and guy line are some of the best features of this hammock.


  • Easily adjustable 
  • Comes with a tarp, bug net, and suspension system 
  • Easy color-coded steps to set up