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Best 10 Dog Hammock For Safe Trip In The Car

Is your dog fond of riding in your car with you? Are they the ones standing at the door eagerly anticipating an adventure? Or is your dog a reluctant passenger that hugs the seats when you drive around, bends or crawls, and tugs onto the mats? In any case, a dog car hammock seat will make your dog travel safer and feel safer!

Are car hammocks safe for dogs?

Car hammocks are a convenient, inexpensive, and beneficial way to travel with your dog, let alone function in any back seat of any vehicle. These are large quadratic fabrics — usually water-resistant material — that drape over the second row and cut across the back and front headrests in such a way that your dogs can stretch their legs or sleep.

Their dog car seat hammock protects your car seats from fur and dirty paws; it also prevents your dogs from sticking their head between the front seats during sudden stops and prevents them from flying into the front passenger section or footwell. It also offers your dog protection as it enables you to see your dog without it being in a cage but is secure. Also, you can ensure that you protect your dog’s ACL by creating a non-slip environment.

What is the best dog car seat hammock?

The best dog car seat hammock will perfectly fit into your back seats. It is water-resistant, washable, and pleasant for your dog to relax. But there are also plenty of optional extra features, and some or none of these are available on different hammock models. There are vital features essential for a dog car seat hammock, which is that they should ensure the car stays clean with pets in them your dog is safe and secure, and comfortable.

Do dogs like hammocks?

Yes, most do! But “there’s always a possibility that your dog won’t!” But, of course, you’re not going to know this until you try—some dogs, when in hammocks, feel off-balanced and can leap straight out. Hammocks are one of the most relaxing products that everybody loves to use, even with pets, and hammocks are perfect to use anywhere, while camping, at home, or on holiday.

It just differs with the dog and whether the hammock will make them more relaxed. For your dog to feel more races in a hammock, you can train them by going in the hammock with them so they feel more at ease and that is secure. It’s best to practice at home first if you intend to use the hammock for camping or on vacation. This way, when you set up camp, your dog will feel at ease when sleeping in the hammock as it will feel more natural and familiar.

Do dog hammocks work?

First-time dog owners frequently find to their consternation that simple seat covers do not protect their front floorboards and the inside of their car doors. Whereas dog car hammock seats come with sides that provide full security to the back seat of your car so that your vehicle remains clean during the car trips with your dog.

Dog car seat hammocks hanging between your car’s back seat and front covering your car seats and car floors, making a literal hammock. You accomplish three tasks when you use a dog car seat hammock:

  1. Protect your car seat.
  2. Prevent your dog from falling into the footwell.
  3. Control your dog from springing into the front seat.

Some hammock covers also include shutters that shield the upholstery of your door from doggy slobber and scratches. If you want to cover half the car seat, use half a hammock by zipping it down the middle; that way, you have space for other passengers or children’s chairs.

Hammock car seat covers have seat belt openings to allow you to secure your dog’s harness using your dog’s seatbelt.

Best 10 Dog Hammock For Car

10. LIFEFAIR Dog Backseat Hammock Seat

This car hammock has convertible side flaps that help protect your leather car seats from scratches when your dog goes in and out. It is made out of advanced TPU coating and 900D oxford and has thermal pressure technology resistant to water.

The dog car seat covers come in four designs from the traditional Bench type of car seating, while the Hammock style is cozy. The Share style is shared so that dogs and passengers can travel together by zipping up or down the hammock, while the Trunk style keeps your trunk dirt-free and clean. 

Installation is easy as it only takes three steps, lay your hammock, hangs it to the headrest, and adjust as needed. The car hammock is also simple to wash and clean.


  • Water-resistant 
  • Easy to install
  • You can use it in four different ways. 

9. Lassie Dog Car Seat Cover with Hammock

This dog hammock protects your car seat as it is non-slip, scratchproof, and waterproof while entirely covering your back seat so that no fur, mud, and scratches ruin your car seat. It comes with side flaps that help you convert this dog hammock to a seat cover; that way, your dog can quickly get in or out.

The hammock has two waterproof layers: cotton PP and oxford, which use heat push technology without a needle hole to keep your back seat dry and clean.

The hammock has a mesh that enables your dog to see you so that they are not anxious—at the same time, taking only a minute to set up using the buckle straps on your car’s headrests. You can also clean the hammock by machine washing or with a damp cloth or vacuum.


  • Waterproof
  • Mesh for comfort
  • Projects your car seat

8. EOOORL Pet Dog Car Seat Hammock

While machine washable, this hammock canvas-like material mat has a luxurious look that allows the hammock to have dual use as a seat cover or hammock. This hammock is water-resistant and uses the seat anchors and headrest to support it. It comes in one universal size that suits SUVs, trucks, vans, and cars in tan, gray, and black. You will find that this mat absorbs and retains odors because of its oxford and cotton-polyester mix fabric. 

For comfort, you can also use the non-slip bottom and Velcro seat belt openings.


  • Secure and non-slip
  • Dual-purpose
  • Variety of colors
  • Machine washable

7. Vailge Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers

The Vailge is a scratch-resistant, 100 percent waterproof hammock that uses the headrest anchors and standard seat for protection. They can fit into most cars, trucks, and SUVs as they have extra-large to regular sizes. It is also convertible into a seat cover, plus it has a middle zipper that enables human travelers to use half of the backseat.

This model includes a non-slip surface and bottom that is safe for your pet. Along with a soft cotton core, the black quilted style has Velcro seat belt openings. You can also make use of the two storage pockets.

Additionally, this hammock does not have any stitching. It is pressed together by heat and is not as scratchproof as other alternatives are. 


  • Waterproof
  • Dual convertibility
  • Two storage pockets

6. DPKISS Dog Car Seat Covers

The DPKISS seat cover is best used in cars because of its 58″ X 54″ size limitation. It has a scratchproof fabric, non-slip bottom, and mesh viewing window, even though vehicle flexibility is limited. You can transform this hammock into a seat cover and secured it with headrest buckles and seat anchors. Its side flaps measure 15 inches wide, allowing you to comfort storage pockets and two seat belts for dogs.

The straight black quilted design has openings with a nylon stick seatbelt, soil-resistant oxford, and water-resistant cotton. That way, liquids cannot soak into the car seats. You can throw this option in the washing machine on the other side.


  • Secure and non-slip
  • Mesh window
  • Two bonus dog seat belts
  • Scratch-proof

5. Active Pets Dog Car Hammock

This model comes in two designs, either with orange trimmings while black in color or plain black, and you can choose from a large scale or standard. With this option, you will have added protection because it is scratch-resistant and waterproof, and the stable seat anchors and headrest belts will hold the mat in place along with the non-slip bottom.

Its material is cotton, oxford, and PP, making it sturdy as it comes with four layers that cover your car seats and holds your dog in the right spot, and has a narrower mat so that your dog can sleep.

Besides, as a standard, it comes with side flaps and velcro seat belt openings, so you have the option to use this hammock as a cover for the car seat. The 2.7-pound mat, although it does not have any storage compartments, is machine washable. Also, this model is recommended only for SUVs and cars, as mentioned above.


  • Secure and slip-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Dual purpose
  • Scratch-resistant

4. URPOWER SC-015 Dog Seat Cover

This hammock has a 100% waterproof pad and has a surface and bottom that is non-slip to hold your dog onto the seat. The Oxford fabric, while not with double stitching, is sturdy and scratch proof. To keep your dog cozy after a long day, you can use the side flaps with a PP cotton mat and sturdy zippers.

This hammock comes in one universal size at 54″ X 58″ and has a back-quilted design that will suit regular SUVs, trucks, and many other vehicles. It features straps for headrest, standard seat anchors, plus, if appropriate, it also converts into a seat cover. You can pull the mat out quickly and easily throw it back in, as well as use an extra dog seat belt if needed while making use of the velcro openings.


  • Dual purpose
  • Non-slip top and bottom
  • Padded and scratchproof

3. Plush Paws Products Quilted Dog Hammock

A comfortable alternative to traditional hammocks is this quilted dog hammock. It is quilted so that it offers extra thick protection. Three colors can complement the hammock to your vehicle (or even the dog) while cleaning efficiently. You can also strip it and put it into the washing machine or hose it down for more stubborn and challenging stains. This hammock’s design allows it to cover the back seat for easy use but a comfortable fitting; you can place it on the front seat headrest. There are seat belt holes so that human passengers can still use the seats, and you also get a set of versatile straps for your dog, providing them with extra protection.


  • Quilted for extra comfort
  • It can be dry cleaned, or machine washed.
  • Has dog safety straps

2. BarksBar Waterproof Dog Car Hammock

This dog hammock material is waterproof polyester that not only stops the seats from getting dirt and water but also fits in SUVs, trucks, and cars. You can attach the handles virtually over the back and front seats, encasing the whole back seat.

Some straps allow you to use this hammock two ways; when you need to sit at the back, you can comfortably buckle up the hammock in the back seat. You can transform the cover into a hammock that sits between the end and front seats when no human passengers secure the entire back seat. It is an inexpensive hammock that cleans easily by placing the polyester cover into the washing machine when not in use, ready for the next big adventure with your four-legged buddy.


  • Cheap
  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Straps for human passengers to buckle up and sit

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Car Hammock

The hammock PetSafe Happy Ride is a water-resistant seat cover that safeguards your seats from dog fur, dirt, mud, and rain that your dog carries into the car. The hammock design also stretches between the two front seats, stopping your dog from jumping up and into the front as you drive.

It has pockets that provide a perfect place to store your travel toys, leash, and bowels after every use. You can also put the whole hammock in the washing machine to keep it tidy and clean. It is one of the best hammocks that is the cheapest, consistent and compatible in size with any SUVs and compact vehicles.


  • Machine washable
  • Has Storage pockets
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Protects your dog