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Make Your Hammock Portable with Best 10 Hammock Stand

Are you looking for a hammock, but you don’t know which stand to choose for your hammock? Does your backyard lack trees, or you would like one on your patio or balcony? Are you also looking for a hammock stand that is alluring, stylish and can blend with your home décor? Finding the right hammock stand can be overwhelming and confusing as they’re many options out there. Because of this, before you buy, read the below guide and review of the Best 10 Portable Hammock stands for 2020. Compare and choose the best hammock stand for you from the list below. 

6 Points to consider for buying the best hammock stand


There is a great amount of design for Hammock Stands if you take time to study and research for it. Some are really simple but some look unique or complex. Regardless of the design, it is also subject to the places you are looking at placing the Hammock stand and your usage.

Hammock Stand Materials 

Steel and Wood are among the most common material for the Hammock Stand. However, it is also designed to withstand wear and tear. 

Easy to Set Up

Imagine that you need an engineering degree or a Ph.D. to set up the Hammock Stand! Most of these are design for simplicity. You can set the Hammock Stand up within minutes. 


You need to measure the size and subject to the place that you will set up and place the Hammock Stand as some will require more space than the others. And you do not want to regret buying one that is too big or too small.


One of the features you would like to have for Hammock Stand. But then again, it is subject to your usage. Of course, this is a good feature to have even you might not really be moving the hammock so often.

Purpose of getting it

Think thoroughly what is the purpose of the Hammock you are buying. Are you buying it for the indoor or outdoor? Do you really need it to be portable? Where will you be carrying or using the hammock? How often you will travel with the hammock? Who will be sitting on the hammock as you need to know the weight that it can withstand? and etc. 

Best Hammock Stand

10. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock Steel Stand

This hammock is constructed from heavy-gauge steel, making the design of the stand sturdy and best suited for longevity. You can easily carry this hammock stand using its leather stitched carrying case to any desired location as it weighs only 35 lbs.

Additionally, this hammock stand is fast and easy to assemble with no additional tools. It also comes with plastic caps that create a soft finish on the steel tubing ends so it is safe around children. 

Key Features

✔ Portable and Lightweight

✔ Strong Material

9. Brazilian-Style Cotton Double Hammock Bed 

This hammock stand is of best value as it comes together with a cotton hammock that ensures comfort and quality. It is sturdy and weather resistant. The hammock stand can hold up 450lbs in weight as well as allow you to adjust your hammock to the desired height using the easily adjustable hammock hooks.

Additionally, it can comfortably hold two people as the hammock stand frame is double wide.

Key Features

✔ Great Value

✔ Sturdy

8. Sunnydaze Universal Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand

This hammock stand assembles easily by folding and unfolding. All joints come with a spring snap button that provides a rapid release and easy lock within seconds.

Additionally, this versatile hammock can hold up to 550 lbs in weight as the frame is durable and from ultra-strong steel. It can fit different size hammocks and bedding, as well as store and carry comfortably.

Key Features

✔ Foldable Design

✔ Lightweight

7. Portable Heavy-Duty Hammock Stand

This hammock stand’s design allows for six different size adjustment settings on hammocks. It is weather resistant because of the durable steel and black finishing powder coating. You are also guaranteed safety and durability from its 360-degree joint welding.

Additionally, this portable hammock stand takes very little space and can fit in any area on your balcony, patio or garden.

Key Features

✔ Adjustable to fit different hammock sizes

✔ Takes little space

6. Sunnydaze Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand

One of the significant features on this hammock is the size of the hammock stand. It is one of the most sought after hammock stands as it comes at 9 ft to 14 ft long which enables different hammock sizes to fit.

Additionally, this hammock stand is versatile as its hooks can securely hold any hammock. The adjustable chains can make it easy to adjust the hammock to any desired length. Moreover, it can support two people at a maximum of 550 lbs in weight.

Key Features

✔ Versatile/Multi-purpose

5. Lazy Daze Double Hammock Steel Stand 

This portable hammock is ideal for those looking for an easy and quick hammock stand to assemble. The hammock stand uses five metal pieces that you can store inside the complimentary carrying bag, together with the free polyester head pillow. 

Additionally, this hammock stand is durable, scratch-resistant and rust-free as the steel hooks and legs coating is in solid zinc. It can hold 450 lbs in weight and comes with an instruction manual inserted on the side of the carry-on bag.

Key Features

✔ Durable

✔ Easy Assembly

4. Zupapa Heavy Duty Hammock Stand

This hammock stand is unique as it comes with a fitted tray. You can utilize the tray as either a cup, book and phone holder as you relax.

Additionally, this hammock stand assembles within minutes with the aid of the interlocking spring-pins that deliver security and stability as you sway. It is safe and family-friendly as it comes with protector caps to cover sharpened edges. It is sturdy and capable of holding 550 lbs in weight.

Key Features

✔ Fitted tray

✔ Easy to assemble

3. Zupapa Universal Steel Hammock Stand

This hammock stand material is rust-resistant and long-lasting steel and will protect your hammock stands for a lifetime. Furthermore, the design of the hammock ensures it can carry or accommodate 500 lbs of weight without caving in or breaking.

Additionally, you can assemble this hammock in less than five minutes without the need for any tools. Another feature that comes with this portable hammock is the stylish duffel bag that allows you to store and carry your hammock stand.

Key Features

✔ Come with a stylish duffel bag.

✔ Easy to assemble

2. Zupapa Steel Hammock Swing Stand

This hammock swing stand allows you to set your hammock to any desired height. You can also adjust the wing knob screws to meet your desired comfort level. It’s straightforward to assemble and relocate your hammock stand from the outdoors to indoors. 

Additionally, this hammock swing design is stable and robust because it maintains a sturdy base that provides balance. It’s constructed from coated and rust-resistant steel. On top of that, it performs multipurpose functions, as you can insert hammock swings, a hanging pod or hammock chairs onto the hammock stand.

Key Features

✔ Fun and Playful Design

✔ Stable and Robust

✔ Multipurpose

1. Sunnydaze Wood Curved Arc Hammock Stand

The Giantex wooden curved arc hammock is elegant and stylish in design. This portable wooden hammock stand comes from strong and durable Russian pine wood that will easily complement your home or garden.

Additionally, there is a fitting of strong hanging loops and a wooden base that can provide you with sturdy support as it can withstand weights of up to 400 lbs. This portable hammock is easy to assemble and take apart using the tools provided in the box.

Key Features

✔ Unique and Elegant Design

✔ Very Durable

Final Thoughts

It is hard deciding on the best hammock as they’re so many options available. What it comes back to is go for what you desire, but ensure what you want can function and is of best value and cost. You cannot go wrong with any one of the above best ten hammock stands.