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Everything You Need To Know About Dream Hammock Review

What is Dream Hammock?

Have you ever contemplated purchasing a custom-made hammock? That’s what a Dream Hammock is. For all hammock models they sell, their backpacking hammock offers a range of customizable options, ranging from minimalist to 4 season hammocks, netless, and ultralight models. These Dream hammocks have a reputation of being “customizable high-quality hammocks.” With these hammocks, you can choose the type of fabric you want, from material style to the zipper pull and thread’s color.

Over the past couple of years, Dream Hammock has become quite common, in part because it is exceptionally comfortable, modular, and customizable. Suppose you want custom stitching, colors, fabric underquilt hooks, different suspension, or dozens of other options, making them the go-to brand. All the hammocks are custom-made in their home workshop by Randy and his wife Deanna and showcase their website’s designs.

Since each hammock is custom-made, measurements and weights all vary and depend on customer needs and specifications. Randy makes a point of offering options, so you have choices and guidelines; as a bonus, his website does a decent job estimating approximate weights for you.

There are a series of accessories you can request to have added to your hammock, which can be attached to any of the Dream Hammock designs, such as gear loops, storage pockets, organizers, and peak shelves. 

Like any custom gear, understand that there is seldom something in stock, so you will need to allow some ample time for the hammock to be produced and then delivered to you.

Dream Hammock Sparrow Review

The Dream Hammock Sparrow is not glamorous but features a conscientious camper’s wishes. This hammock is flexible, which enables you to use it in various ways according to the needs of your trip. It is spacious with a length of 10’7″ and a high mountain ridge that makes the Sparrow the most indoor living room to allow you to sit up entirely without pressing your heads into the net. Its vibrant interior also makes the Sparrow more comfortable to sit and read a book, or put your sleeping gear in it and even change clothes in

The Sparrow has zip-in and removable mosquito and bug nets in sync with asymmetrical comforts and asymmetrical bug nets. The Sparrow comes with a supply of shocking cords that hold the hammock out even if you are not inside, and the tie-outs simply clip on and off the hammock so you can decide if you want this feature. 

You can quickly get in and out of your hammock as it has a bonus feature that enables you to tie out the hammock so that you do not always have to reposition your pack, switch or make any shifts. Furthermore, tying the hammock angles will ensure you don’t get interrupted by the bug net hanging on your face.

However, tie-outs are an additional process, so simply detach them and keep them at home if you want a faster and simpler setup. If you like the end gathered hammock’s simplicity and eased so that you feel a little less confined either with your head or feet, the Sparrow is an excellent choice. The Sparrow’s fabric is light, so we suggest that you customize your hammock to one of the heavier materials that Dream Hammock offers when you decide to bring your dog in with you. It has a soft and silky feeling with 1.6-ounce ripstop nylon. The ripstop fabric inspires more confidence than some of the ultra-lightweight ones.

You can link the bug netting of the Sparrow on either side of the hammock via zippers. A small section of the material covers the hammock’s end, where there’s a gap left from the zippers. The fabric is kept tight to the ridge and elastically netting. A mosquito must have the ability to reason uncannily to navigate this labyrinth.

Dream Hammock Darien Review

If there were a single hammock, the best Dream hammock for everyone, it would be the Darien. Seriously, the features and options are loaded. Almost every detail, including fabric, and color can be ordered personalized. You must wait 6-9 weeks for delivery. The downside is that it’s a long wait if you want to use it soon!

This hammock has an asymmetrical layout and design, which is almost like a box. What it does not come with is a tarp. That’s all right, though, because most experienced backpackers who use hammocks have their own tarp, which caters to their preferences. Ordering this hammock with the whoopie slings ready will ensure there is no requirement for any tinkering. Plus, you can select from 10 or 11” hammock styles. The longer model, which is 11″, will be a little heavier but best for taller or larger sleepers as they will get a flatter layer and more room

It is possible to customize virtually everything about this ultralight hammock. You just need to send Dream hammocks and an email if you don’t see what you want. You can also find a lighter hammock with all the characteristics of the Darien, but challenging to find at the same lower price. It is popular in the world of backpacking as this hammock among the best performers of all time. Also available with whoopie sling suspension are the weight fabrics from polyester, nylon, taffeta, and ripstop with various colors and an option of either single layer or double layer. 

Dream Hammock Raven Review

A removable and reversible insect net and or overcover are the best features of the Dream hammock Raven.  The raven is an asymmetrically gathered hammock that lets its user lie in a diagonal position on the left or the right. This way, you can move around, especially with the alignment of the head/foot rather than right/left. It features an insect net and cover that is fully removable and reversible. The Raven comes in 3 models, either with an overcover only or net only, or both.

A #5 splitting coil with double tab sliders is used by the Raven, which divides the zipper into both sides of the hammock. The weight of the raven varied with each particular setup and design, and compared to other Dream hammocks, may weigh more heavily due to its added zip-sets and wider bug net. The weight of the raven varies with the other dream hammocks. You should change it to (integrated the bug net, store net above ridgeline, eradicate bug net).

The Raven has two dividing zippers on either side, so hanging two under quilts is super fast. Peak Bags Noseeum gives the shock cord closure for the net and one shock for the overclocking at 8′′ x 9′′. It also features additional tie-out hooks on 3/32′′ shock cord guylines for grosgrain loops ( you can self adjust the tie-outs’ angles according to how you want to lay). The best way to get one with 1.6 Hyper D material is because it is cool. Only in 11ft length is this hammock provided. The Raven comes with 7/64 Amsteel Continuous Loops, but you can mix and match other suspension pieces to produce what you want.