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Everything You Need To Know About Highland Hammock State Park

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Hammock State Park is a hot-spot. There are lovely botanical gardens in the park, a sports field, and a playground. Exploring historical sites, horseback riding, fishing, boating, hiking, canoeing, biking, and kayaking are all part of outdoor recreation. To learn more about the state park, you can also take a one-hour tram tour.

What time Highland Hammock State Park Open

Highlands Hammock State Park re-opened on December 23rd, 2020. The park operation hours are from 8 a.m. until sunset, mostly 7 p.m daily, including holidays and 365 days a year.

Until further notice, the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, the recreation hall, and the theater remain closed. Highlands Hammock State Park toilet capacity may be limited to maintain safety precautions. Visitors are required to stay at least six feet apart.

Activities to do in Highland Hammock State Park

Highlands Hammock provides a full-scale campground with access to a swimming beach, boating, canoeing, geocaching, fishing, kayaking water sports, and youth/group camping,


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The park has a pleasant and leisurely picnic area where you can enjoy your packed lunch or snacks. In one of many reserved picnic pavilions, you can let the kids play on the playground or swing on the swings while you chat with friends and families. The Hammock Park and concession stands also have BBQ grills open, with the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum also based in the picnic area.

Horse riding

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Many of the Highlands Hammock State Park hiking trails are also available to equestrians so that you can ride on horseback across the swamp and through the trees. One of the most serene ways to explore the park is to ride a horse, and it is unusual for there to be any traffic on the trail. There are also areas reserved for horse trailer parking as well as a few hitching posts, so you can tie up your horse without any problems if you decide to take a break.

Walking and Hiking Trails

The surroundings of the Highlands Hammock have beautiful hardwood plants and deep soil rich in humus. Thanks to the nine different trails to choose from, hiking is one of the park’s most popular activities. The boardwalk through the swamp is the most traveled route, but there are plenty of other hikes varying in length and difficulty. Try the Young Hammock Trail for a stroll; it is a half-mile of scenic wonders and wildlife. You’ll find natural scenery and signs of interpretation that cover the area’s history. The Altvater Trail, which begins at the campground and circles around the park, is enjoyed by more experienced hikers.


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Do you fancy going for bike rides? Within Highlands Hammock State Park, there is a three-mile bike loop that is very lush and shady, which makes it a familiar spot to do some peddling. Your ride will bring you past cypress and oak and colorful flowers and creeping vines, and there are plenty of birds and butterflies to see. With a few twists, turns, and hills, the trail is relatively smooth, so it is ideal for all competence levels. You could rent one out of the park concession if you didn’t carry a bike to the park, too.

Guided Tram Tours

You can travel within the park by taking one-hour long tram tours to remote areas where you’ll get the opportunity to see close-up wildlife such as deer alligators, wading birds, and turtles in areas of the park that are not accessible to the public.

Interpretive Exhibit

Various displays can be found in the park, interpreting the history and cultural and natural resources found here. To see ancient tortoise shells and taxidermied animals, you can visit the Hammock Inn restaurant. A recreation hall is available for hire, and so are many picnic pavilions. A museum showing the past of the CCC will be open from 9 a.m. up to 5:00 p.m.

In-Line Skating

Carefully skate around the 3.2-mile Loop Drive, although a smooth highway with a shaded canopy of the Hammock. Look out for nuts and sticks in your path. Give way to passing traffic as this road also caters to vehicles.

What is the best time to visit Highland Hammock State Park

There various activities on offer at the park on different days and other times. Kids’ discovery walks on Saturday, Monday morning hikes, weekly campfire activities, and music concerts in the park, dependent on seasons and time of the year. Firefly Nights Tram Tours, Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, A Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) festival, 

Hammock Half Marathon, First Day Walks, Hammock North Pole, Walk & Seek geocaching challenge, Firecracker 5K, International Museum Day, bilingual story hour, Junior Ranger Program, and Earth Day are all examples of activities hosted in the park dependent on seasons or you can only enjoy them at specific timings.

The best time to visit depends on the type of activities you want to pursue. If you’re going to go for a run or hike, it’s best to go in the mornings, and if you’re going to go camping best to arrive early to set up camp and have the rest of the available to you for park activities or later in the day, rest up and start your day activities real early the next day. It comes down to preference as any time during the summer is the best time to visit Highland Hammock State Park instead of the winter as you will see more wildlife in the summer. 

Does Highland Hammock State Park allow Pets like cats and dogs

Animals are allowed in all outdoor areas, including the park’s campgrounds. On boardwalks without double railings, please refrain from walking dogs for their safety. (All wetland areas of the park contain alligators).

You have to make sure your pets are on a leash at an approximate length of 6feet and always pick up after your pet; their mess is your responsibility. For those who need service animals for assistance, they are welcome in all park areas.

Unattended tethered pets must not be left alone for more than 30 minutes. You will need to observe the quiet hours, which are between 11 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. There are trash receptacles available for pet owners to clean up and properly dispose of all pet droppings.

Florida legislation mandates the vaccination of pets against rabies. There will be no permission to stay in the park for any pet that is threatening, disruptive, unsafe, or damaging. Non-furbishing animals, such as reptiles, birds, or fish, must be enclosed or regulated physically by the owner. Lost animals or stray animals are not allowed in the park. Failure to comply with these rules can result in being asked to leave the campground.

What is the admission fees for Highland Hammock State Park

For a car with eight people, the maximum charges are $6. For a one-person  car charged are $4 for the occupant, for pedestrians, or vehicles with Annual Individual Entrance Pass cardholders, bicyclists, and extra passengers, charges are $2,

Highlands Hammock State Park provides a ton of outdoor fun for a small price. Rent out some bikes on-site or bring your own. Free activities include a playground, geocaching, hiking, walking, biking, picnicking, birding, wildlife watching, and a museum. TIf you want to camp as a family, the fees start at $22 per night, plus tax and a non-refundable $6.70 reservation fee.

Can I drive my RV into Highland Hammock State Park

Yes, you can drive your RV into Highland Hammock State park as the campground can accommodate RV’s, trailers, and tents. There are 143 single-family campsites with electric hookups and water in the Highlands Hammock State Park campground. Most sites have shade from the trees’ canopy, although there are a few campsites free of sunlight. There is also a grill, fire ring, and table with benches. The campground amenities include restrooms with hot showers, flush bathrooms, trash bins, and drinking water. Also open are a dishwashing area, laundry, botanical gardens, playground, and sports field. Available for sale at the campground is also firewood.